Introductory Articles

A Little Invitation to the Growing Participator Approach

The Growing Participator Approach (GPA): A Brief State of the Art and Some Practical Illustrations

Introduction to the Socio-cultural Dimension of Language Learning 

Six Phase Overview

Six Phase Program – background philosophy

ILR Levels and 6 Phrase Program

First Phase

First 100 Hours (Phase1A Guide)

First 100 Hours (Phase1B Guide)

Graphic Resources: First 100 Hours

Dirty Dozen

Use of Lexicarry

Second Phase

Phase 2 Manual

Using Wordless Picture Books

Phase 2 Goals

List of Processes Useful for Series Descriptions

Massaging Texts

Third Phase

Phase 3 Manual — Getting Going in Phase 3

Resources for Phase 3

Fourth Phase

Phase 4 Guide

Phase 4 — The Big Middle Phase

Fifth Phase

Phase 5 Guide

Phase 5 Guide with Arabic

Sixth Phase

Phase 6 Guide

Other Helpful Documents

500 Words that can be Learned from TPR

Growing your Language Iceberg

Cute Principles

Spiraling Outward: What to learn first

Hours with Nurturer by Phase

Information Gap Activities

Talking Tasks by Order of Difficulty

Thoughts on Arabic Diglossia From the Growing Participator Perspective

Teaching MSA and Colloquial Arabic

Resources in other Languages



We’ll continue to list resources and documents as they are available. All documents are copyright of their respective authors. Permission is granted for informal distribution and copying.


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