Monthly Archives: December 2012

Polyglots hash out language learning

A gaggle of polyglots got together on Google Hangouts and had a very interesting discussion about how best to learn languages  how to get through frustration and discouragement and which language learning methods worked best for which personality types.  Check it out below.


Learning Enga

Adam Boyd posted a very cool video a few months ago of his third day using the  Growing Participator Approach. He and his wife are learning Enga, a language spoken in Papua New Guinea.

Good news in the growing participator world

Greg Thompson’s blogspot growing participator blog was started several years ago but was never updated and assumed defunct. However, it served as an inspiration to us here at Growing Participator Approach to start this blog.

However in the last few days it looks like the official blog has taken off. There are several posts  on how to find and train nurturers. Too many language helpers only have an idea of how to teach language in a traditional way. As Thomson writes, this is something that needs to be done consciously and carefully.

There seems also to be a new facebook page with links to more resources. Head over and enjoy!