Resources for Phase 3

Searching for Resources for Phase 3!

One great side effect of being a growing participant in a new DRA is the high motivation to search out useful resources for each phase as you reach it.

Here are some goodies on the internet that are helpful for Phase 3. Most of this is public domain classics stuff.

Familiar Stories and Fables

For example, before you do Emperor’s New Clothes in your host language, you might need to review it in English without having to locate a copy where you live.

Some helpful websites for this include: (just some suggestions; please search for more!)

Bible Stories

The following website that has Bible stories in different languages. They are free for you to use though the site asks that you not sell them for profit. They have Indonesian, Arabic, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Hindi, Ukrainian etc. to name a few languages that are included.

The one drawback is that their stuff is Adobe Acrobat so it can’t be adjusted.

However, some other sites [English only, sorry] have Bible stories you can copy and paste. So you could remove or replace any offensive pictures or adjust any awkward language — an advantage over a storybook. (These are toddler aimed, but have simple pictures which may be easier to use)

Themed Clip Art Option

Another option is if you want some themed clip art pictures. You can subscribe to this site for one month for about $4, or a lifetime for about $28.

Or you can access the free clip art at:

Chronological Bible Stories

Glory to God (International) have nearly 2,000 beautiful illustrations, that tell the whole Bible story from Genesis to Revelation.

These images are now available for download from their website for missionary and church use.

There are 24 pictures available for free. Individual stories cost $2.99 (US) to download using PayPal. (Note that the prices on the site are in GBS£, so be sure to “convert” to dollars if you are from the US.)

The main use for the pictures is PowerPoint presentations to assist in telling the Bible story. Also up to 7 pictures from each set can be used in Christian publications with an acknowledgement. Learn more at:

While at The Glory Story website you may want to visit Glory Stories, which are over 30 MP3 files of inspiring testimonies from people like Glady’s Alwood, Richard Wurmbrand, Madame Sheikh, Jackie Pullinger etc.

Warning: It takes a LONG, LONG time to download the web pages so you need to do this at a fairly fast connection.

Some additional sites regarding Chronological Bible Storying: (J O Terry’s site – note that several of the books for sale are on CultureBridge!) (Wow! LOTS and LOTS of resources to download on this page!!! Almost all of J O Terry’s stuff in PDFformat!)


There are several Chronological Storying manuals and articles on CultureBridge. Be sure and check those out! There is also a forum on Chronological Storying that you can join.

Please Help Expand This List!

If you find additional resources, especially in other languages, please share them so everyone can benefit!


For easier reading the contents of this article can be downloaded here —Phase 3 Resources for GPs

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