Learning Chinese with props

We just found another cool post where another learner (this time of Chinese) shows pictures of her language learning tools. And these are not the normal learning language tools you would expect to find on a students desk. Instead the look somewhat like. . . what shall we say? . . . children’s toys?

And that’s what the Growing Participator Approach is all about — learning as a child would learn, learning from the basics outward. Like a child the growing participator has to learn the whole world anew and afresh.


Curious about the first phase?

Curious about the first phase of the Growing Participator Approach to language learning? Have you read about the first hundred hours but unsure still exactly how these learning sessions are done?

A couple of enthusiastic language learners share a video of one of their first language lessons in Urdu.



Bit by bit

Bit by bit we plan to put on this site discussion and information on the Growing Participator Approach to language learning.

Check back often, because we’ll continue to put up interesting posts and articles.