Sustaining Commitment

Learning any language takes commitment. But what is commitment, and how can you develop commitment to the language you want to learn? Aaron Meyers of The Everyday Language Learner in his book Sustaining Commitment gives some hints of answers.

I found this book quite by chance this evening and have already almost finished it. He has some great quotes in the book. One of my favorite:

In order to learn a
language, you’re going to
make a million mistakes.
So get started!
-Dwight Gradi

So, get started by reading Sustaining Commitment! And then start the Growing Participator Approach today. 🙂


2 responses to “Sustaining Commitment

  • Aaron G Myers (@aarongmyers)

    Thanks so much for the nice endorsement. And wow what a great site! I am excited to explore and share it with others. Greg Thomson is a major influence of mine and it is great to see someone expand on it all for the rest of us. Will certainly add a link and point others in this direction. Great stuff and thanks again.

  • Almond

    You’re welcome and thanks for the link!

    I felt that it was rather a shame there was so little stuff by Greg Thomson online — so I’m trying to get as much information out there so that anybody who wants to can adapt or use what parts they find useful. . .

    I’m still trying to add more documents and making sure all the pages and are easy to find and linked with each other so people new to the approach can find their away around easily.

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